Our Philosohy

It Comes From the Heart

When the Holistic Mistic Chef (Raw Vegan) talks, writes, It comes from the heart!, it’s because he understands and comprehends that what we consume, becomes part of our body, mind and soul. This is why we must consume the best foods nature offers!! The Holistic Mistic Chef is promoting the "Raw Vegan Organic Gourmet Taco Cater" that will promote to our health, protect the animals and preserve our environment. All this without having to ignite a match.
When we eat cooked and over cooked food, we get rid of digestive enzymes. Since we don’t cook, all our food maintains all their digestive enzymes, this will help you feel energized and not fall into the “food coma” after you’ve had your lunch.

Meet The Holistic Mistic Chef

Our Mission is to provide the most nutricious food that is fast and easy to prepair. Food that helps reduce the high death statistics in America: Heart disease. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the U.S. and worldwide. Its time to take action.

If we’d just stop consuming red meats, the statistics will diferintiate allowing us to live better lives as well as save trillions of dollars. "He who doesn't have time to take care of his health today, will someday have to have make time, money and patience to take care of his Diseases!

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