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Our Horchatas that we prepared at Raw Vegan Taco Cater are a Complete Meal! They contain protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. The ingredients used to prepare our horchatas play a key role in our health. Our Horchatas contain two very important benefits, the first one is that any Nut's, Legume, Grain or Seed when activated multiplies it’s nutrition. And the second is that our ingredients will be pre digested, making it a lot easier for our bodies to absorb. Our horchatas will also help to prevent bloating and gases that will make you feel uncomfortable.

In the 40 years that the Holistic Mística Chef has been in to the Gastronomy Industry in California, He has never seen or heard that someone would attempt to come up with a Healthier Horchata. Everything started in May of 2018, since he cares about people’s health he began preparing a Black Horchata with black Rice, and Nut milk which is the opposite of the White Traditional Horchata. He started to go to Vegan Festivals, Parties, Family Reunions, he even did some Liquid Clases and shared his recipes, also he uploaded some of his videos of how to make the Healthiest Horchatas in the major Social Media Sites. The Holistic Místic Chef is the Pioneer of the Raw Vegan Exotic Color Horchatas with Super Fruits and Super Foods. He’ll always say that the Perfect Combination for a Raw Vegan Taco is a Raw Vegan Exotic Color Horchata.

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